Our Services

Offshore staffing is changing the rules of the game.  Your business needs to harness the opportunities, and conquer this fast moving evolution, or it might just fall behind.

How can we help you?


With Direct Hire Global, we’ll search, assess and hire any type of professionals you ask us for in South Africa, Philippines, Vietnam or Cambodia, and we will put those professionals in our global offices & payroll, and they will work in our offices, but you will feel like they’re working in yours. You will manage, train and coach them exactly as if they were in your payroll or offices.

They will follow your culture, rules, processes, and even dress code and sense of humor, they will be 100% your staff, like any of your other local staff, only that in any place. We can even put your company marketing and banners to make them feel 100% part of you and so you feel you have your first office with us!


With our world class BPO Global, we’ll do ABSOLUTELY all the work, you just give us the assignments, and we’ll put our teams into it starting at 6.99$/hour all in, Here, we train and manage the teams as a full outsourced solution, and you just will see the results, unless you want to pop in to say hi to the team.

We’ll devote a team manager to manage the team, and we’ll replace staff in case of sickness or leavers, so your project never stops delivering, for any reason, no excuses.

Emergency Admin work 24 hours & Weekends

Do you have sometimes emergencies and urgent work that needs to be done when no one wants to? At a short notice?

If that is the case, you can book our emergency services, and our employees will start working on your urgent work in less than 24 hours. You just need to brief us on the tasks to be completed and book the necessary time you need, and we’ll get it done.

This includes Saturdays and Sundays, day or night, so by the time you make it to the office on Monday, the work is done!

The rate all in for emergency work is $9,99/hour, any time, any day and can start as fast as 24 hours after payment.

Global Recruitment & Executive Search

We know the secret sauce for hiring just the best, in fact, we started as a plain recruitment agency. Our 100+ recruiters spend all their time advertising, assessing, testing and mostly disqualifying candidates for our global clients, so only the fittest for the role make it.

We speak to thousands of candidates every week, and we invest more than anyone in reaching the best through all possible channels.

If you are looking for any role in USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Canada or Asia, contact us now, we guarantee you you’ll become a long time client.

We’re so sure you’ll be happy with our recruits, that, we offer 90 days full refund guarantee , so we take all the risk and you focus on your business